Great Moments in GIF History: The 2012 Houston Astros

Thanks to Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing for sharing this priceless moment in baseball history.

Great news Mariners fans! This team is in your division next year!


Great Moments in GIF History: “Release the Kraken!”

The 2010 redux of Clash of the Titans didn’t provide much for fans and critics (unless you consider 28% on Rotten Tomatoes a success) but it did leave us with an endearing meme, and everyone knows the internet needs more of those…

In the trailer for the movie, the venerable Liam Neeson, portraying the god Zeus, turns dramatically to the camera and utters the terrifying phrase “Release the Kraken!” A hideous monster is revealed, causing fans to “flock” to theaters to see how a band of mere mortals could possibly overcome such an unstoppable force.

Before they rushed to the theaters though, savvy internet minds stopped by Photoshop and the pet store to turn Zeus’ phrase into solid gold. Quicker than Freddie Prinze Jr. disappeared from Hollywood, everyone and everything from Rosie O’Donnell to Zoidberg followed Liam Neeson in both photo and GIF form.

Think this meme has run its course? Fear not! Wrath of the Titans hits theaters March 30th.

Your move Liam…