Fun with Photoshop: The Condor Flies North for the Summer

Michael Saunders Card copy

Jeremy Lin > Solid Gold

This photo of Jeremy Lin is a shameless way of driving traffic to Viva La Vidro (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty)

I’m not sure that I would qualify as an NBA expert. Then again, I’m not sure Newt Gingrich would qualify as a presidential candidate, but that sure hasn’t stopped him has it? Did you know that the word “caucus” comes from a Navajo word meaning “group think”? Not even the code talkers could hide their disdain for our ridiculous process of selecting a nominee.

I forgot that this post was supposed to be about Jeremy Lin. Let’s get back to that.

A few weeks ago I tried to watch a game between the Clippers and Lakers but fell asleep during the first timeout. I tried again the next week only to be distracted by a Monk marathon. Granted Tony Shaloub was better in Wings, but who doesn’t love an O.C.D. detective (besides of course the criminals who are undone by his fastidiousness) whose boss was the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs? Long story not quite so short, I don’t pay much attention to the Association.

I do however, pay attention to surges in the sports card marketplace. I’m comfortable with who I am so I don’t mind sharing that fact.

When the aforementioned Jeremy Lin hit the scene, his cards took off like a late model Homer Hickam rocket. We’re not just talking 200-300% in ROI; we’re looking at figures that would make even Gordon Gecko blush. Take a look at the following:

January 15th: $29.99

February 10th: $849.99

A card from the same set, with the same numbering, less than one month apart…. $800 dollars difference in final price.

Linsanity indeed.