Great Moments in GIF History: The 2012 Houston Astros

Thanks to Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing for sharing this priceless moment in baseball history.

Great news Mariners fans! This team is in your division next year!

The Condor Report: July 30th–August 5th

Card of the Week: 2007 Bowman’s Best Blue Refractor RC #/99

Michael “The Condor” Saunders stats for the week of July 30th through August 5th:

AB: 19

Hits: 5

AVG: .263

Runs: 4

Doubles/Triples: 3/0

Home Runs: 0

RBI: 1

SB: 0

BB/K: 0/4

What Went Wrong? Saunders used to draw walks on the regular. Now? Not so much. That has to change.

What Went Right? The Condor had three more doubles last week (including this rocket off southpaw Ricky Romero) and has a shot to reach 40 on the season. If he can convert more of those into home runs next year…watch out!