The Condor Report: June 11th–June 17th

Card of the Week: 2009 Bowman Draft RC Magenta Printing Plate #1/1

Michael “The Condor” Saunders stats for the week of June 11th through June 17th:

AB: 23

Hits: 6

AVG: .261

Runs: 2

Doubles/Triples: 1/0

Home Runs: 1

RBI: 2

SB: 1

BB/K: 1/5

What Went Wrong? Saunders failed to get an effective bunt down in the ninth inning of Sunday’s game, but was bailed out when Justin Smoak came through with a game-winner. He also struck out five times during the week after cutting down on K’s during his recent hot streak.

What Went Right? The Condor continued to punish left-handed pitching, collecting two hits off Padres starter Clayton Richard before drilling this massive home run to centerfield off southpaw reliever Joe Thatcher. His speed and base running savvy continues to be an asset to a Mariners squad looking for any offense they can find.


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