The Condor Report: May 14th–May 20th

Card of the Week: 2006 Just Stars Auto #/100

Michael “The Condor” Saunders stats for the week of May 14th through May 20th:

AB: 27

Hits: 7

AVG: .259

Runs: 2

Doubles/Triples: 2/1

Home Runs: 0

RBI: 2

SB: 1

BB/K: 2/7

What Went Wrong? Saunders continues to struggle with runners in scoring position, hitting just .200 with RISP including 14 K’s in 30 AB’s on the season. He hit the ball well this week, but couldn’t find any holes in the defense–putting the ball in play more often (7 K’s last week) is a good place to help his average trend upwards.

What Went Right? The Condor picked up three extra-base hits during the week and seemed comfortable hitting in the two hole behind Dustin Ackley. He continued his strong season defensively, picking up a key outfield assist to help preserve Kevin Millwood’s shutout.


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