Derek Jeter Is a Bum. Here’s Why.

Yet another error, what a putz.

Yet another error, what a putz.

Derek Sanderson Jeter (what a silly middle name) is widely regarded as one of the best players in the game. Many baseball fans would even go so far as to call Jeter one of the greatest shortstops of all-time (yes, even better than Rich Aurilia!) He’s clutch, handsome and dates more supermodels than Donald Trump. Jeter has been given the nickname “Mr. November” for his heroics in the 2001 playoffs that were delayed because of the events of 9/11. He is one of the most popular Yankees ever (sandwiched somewhere in between Paul O’Neill and Glenallen Hill) and is a likely first ballot Hall-of-Famer. Additionally, he runs a charitable organization, saves orphans from burning buildings, cured polio and blah, blah, blah…

Sure Derek Jeter is a good player, not even Alex Rodriguez would deny that. But it seems that he is a good player who has been magnified into a “great” player by the New York media. This guy gets more positive coverage than George Bush that damn water-skiing squirrel.  Heck, there are probably Yankees fans that think Jeter will save their immortal souls (I do recall hearing his name mentioned in the Book of Macabees).

Jeter was one of a trio of talented young shortstops in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s that also featured A-Rod (moved to third, admitting taking steroids) and Nomar Garciparra (whose talent disappeared quicker than Alan Thicke after Growing Pains was cancelled), and out of the three is the only productive, drug-free member left. You could also throw Miguel Tejada into the conversation, but he might end up in jail, and never got the publicity of the other three.

The fact that the others have fallen off the map, or can’t stay out of the media for all the wrong reasons, is another factor that has led to Jeter’s puffed up reputation as a superstar. However, one could reasonably argue that Jeter was the fourth best shortstop out of this group. Let’s quickly compare the best year’s of these four players:

Derek Jeter 1999: (.349 BA-24 HR-102 RBI-19 SB-134 R) finished 6th in MVP voting

Alex Rodriguez: 2007: (.314 BA-54 HR-156 RBI-24 SB-143 R) Won MVP

Miguel Tejada 2002: (.308 BA-34 HR-131 RBI-7 SB-108 R) Won MVP

Nomar Garciparra 1998: (.323 BA-35 HR-122 RBI-12 SB-111 R) 2nd in MVP voting

Is Jeter even the best shortstop on his own team?

Is Jeter even the best shortstop on his own team?

While this is only a small sample of the career of these players, it should give an indication that Jeter was not far and away the best shortstop in the game during his heyday–and maybe not even one of the top three. Jeter has never won an MVP award and has only finished in the top five twice. By comparison, A-Rod has won 3 MVP Awards (1 with a big asterisk) and finished in the top five three other times. Only two times in his career has Jeter led the league in any offensive category, finishing first in runs in 1998 and first in hits in 1999 (if you want to get picky he led the AL in singles in 1997 and 1998–watch out Ichiro!)

Additionally, Jeter has benefited from playing in what is the perennially one of the best lineups in baseball with the Yankees. Between 2002 and 2007 New York never finished outside the top 3 in the league in runs scored and led the league three times. While Jeter probably still has a couple of seasons left, he is no longer an above average shortstop offensively, and his current career numbers compare to those of Barry Larkin, Ray Durham, Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker. Granted these aren’t terrible players, but they certainly aren’t superstars either.

And what about shortstops like Hanley Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins; better players than Jeter who get far less recognition because they play in smaller markets? Ramirez (who you’ve probably never heard of unless you are from the Sunshine State or play fantasy baseball) is one of the most exciting players in the game, and at only 25, is already more polished than Jeter was at the same age. Fresh off a 30-30 season, Hanley Ramirez would be the toast of New York if he joined the Yankees. If Jeter played for Florida he would be more overlooked than the TV show Freaks and Geeks.

Jeter just realized he was the worst defensive player in baseball.

Jeter just realized he was the worst defensive player in baseball; this was his reaction.

But it’s not only offensively that Jeter is vastly overrated; a close examination of his defensive abilities also leaves something to be desired. He won three Gold Gloves between 2004 and 2006, but many in the league point out that this was due to his reputation rather than his performance in the field. Jeter may have less errors than other shortstops, but that’s because he doesn’t have the range to get to balls deep in the hole that are routine for players like Omar Vizquel or Orlando Cabrera. In 2008, baseball stats guru Bill James named Derek Jeter the worst fielding shortstop in MLB, and another of the voters for the Fielding Bible called Jeter “the least effective defensive player in the major leagues, at any position.”  Ouch!

Now, to dispel some more myths about the suddenly human Derek Jeter. He was given the nickname “Mr. November” because of his clutch play in the 2001 playoffs. Just exactly how clutch was he you ask? Well, Jeter went 2-17 (.118 BA) against the Mariners in the ALCS before summoning up the strength to hit 4-27 (.148, 0 walks-6 strikeouts) against the Diamondbacks in the World Series. In the Yankees epic collapse against the Boston Red Sox in 2004, it was Captain Clutch himself who saved the day by hitting a robust .200 in the series. And let’s not forget who allowed Luis Gonzalez’s fateful hit to fall in during Game 7 of the 2001 World Series…that’s right, Derek Jeter. Would an average defensive shortstop have made that play? Only God himself knows…

Good player or great player? You be the judge.

Good player or great player? You be the judge of Derek Jeter.

Now, at this point, some may come to the defense of poor Jeter and point out that he won the AL Rookie of the Year in 1996. Of course Bob “Green Eggs and” Hamelin won that award in 1994 and Pat Listach won it in 1992. For god sakes Ben Grieve won the ROY in 1998–Ben Grieve!! Well, his supporters would fire back, what about the time Jeter won the All Star Game MVP in 2000? No one will deny that fact, but someone might be kind enough to point out that he joins an illustrious list of players including Jeff Conine, Sandy Alomar Jr. and Terry Steinbach as recipients of that award.

Derek Jeter is a consistently good player, not great, who has benefited from playing for one of the best teams of the past two decades. He has come through in some clutch situations while failing in others. Jeter is an above average offensive shortstop, but certainly not one of the best of all time, or even the past decade. He is greatly overrated defensively, and currently is adequate at best but more likely a detriment to the Yankees’ defense. Jeter isn’t even the best shortstop in New York (Jose Reyes) or even on his own team (A-Rod)! His skills continue to erode and he may soon have to be shifted to the outfield or first base where his value would diminish further. Even in his prime he wasn’t the best shorstop in his division, let alone all of baseball.

So why then, is Derek Sanderson Jeter hailed as one of the greats of the game? You tell me…

P.S. He never did saved those orphans from the burning building, hates apple pie, cheated on an 8th grade biology test and uses hair plugs. Are those traits of a great player, or just a good player?

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  1. Great reference to Freaks and Geeks…maybe a follow up article on the most underrated player in baseball? Todd Helton, Garrett Atkins, Aaron Cook all good options for that one…i need all the positive article about the Rockies to come out before the season starts because things might go downhill pretty fast

  2. Paul o’neill, alan thicke, and freaks and geeks in the same article?
    Bud you make my heart ache and my head spin.
    PS jeter sucks. I’ll take betancourt anyday… most days… some days… today, i’ll take yuni now.

  3. Enjoy reading your blog.Btw, this is first time I visit to your blog 🙂

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  4. Solid piece. I’d just like to highlight a few points of contention. The Mr. November – while generous given his performance in November (a .250 career average) – was given for that HR off Kim just after the scoreboard had announced it was officially November baseball. I’m just sayin’ a nickname can come from just one event and stick. It was still a clutch HR – but then again, it still was Byung-Hyun Kim (insert face in hands). True, his many All-Star nominations are mostly popularly-based, but it’s hard to deny his consistent excellence offensively. You know the hitting stats – emphasis on the total hits, runs and BA. However, I won’t argue the defensive downfalls.

    On another note, that ’96 ROY race would’ve been a lot different if the Mariner’s hadn’t played A-Rod too much in ’95 (and a touch in ’94).

  5. your stupid he is one of the best peole ever

  6. this is Bullshit. he is the best ever, no doubt. nobody has such a taste for the game as jeter. by the way, he isnt a scumbag piece of white trash either, he is clean cut and always plays with the right attitude!! go to hell dirtbags

  7. Bud Bareither you are obviously jealous and bitter for some reason or another. Write what ever you like about Jeter, the fact of the matter is that he brings something to a team that cannot be measured by stats; he is a winner who comes to the park to play everyday with a great attitude and sets a positive example as a leader and a captain. GO YANKS! GO JETER!

  8. I don’t really care if he plays good or not. I just like to look at him. 😀

  9. you made really dislike Derek Jeter…. Especiallyy With that Hanley Ramirez Bit…

  10. He is the best shortstop and if you can name anymore go for it but everyone has errors and even your precious A-Rod can’t do crap in the playoffs so when he starts playing CLEAN baseball then hits in the playoffs we can talk. GO YANKS AND JETER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS A-Rod screwed up the team how many World Series have we won with him and then without him!

  11. WoW ur a freakin retard u prolly dont even watch baseball u fag he is one of the best players of all time you fag so stop writing gay lies like u know waht ur talikin bout

  12. ur arguement is a bunch of crap. anybody can pick out things throughout someones career and make them look bad. The fact is that he has a .316 career batting average. he is a great shortstop that will always produce double digit numbers in home runs and steals and keep his batting average well above the normal numbers. You also make it sound like hes the only play that starts to lose there stuff as they age. Every player loses there great numbers that they had wen there younger. If they didnt there would be no reason for players to start retiring in there mid 30s. Go Yanks!

  13. This article is way past it’s freshness date. Why is TBL just now linking to it? Oh, because it’s well written and humorous… nicely done Bud!

  14. Who ever wrote this your a bum. Derek Jeter is Not a bum. Derek Jeter is my favorite player . His number is 2 and he plays for the New York Yankees.
    DEREK JETER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Go to hell, “bud”. Derek Jeter is not the greatest player in the game, skillwise, I will give you that. But you are probably the only person in the world who dares to call him a bum or say anything negative about him (besides a few ignorant and jealous red sox fans perhaps). What was all that you wrote about him dating supermodels? Why is it your buisness who he dates? It’s not like he’s running around and getting pasted on tabloids with women, he keeps quiet. Derek Jeter is the most respectable ball payer in baseball and it would do many well to follow his example. He is confident, but not arrogant. He has a desire and motivation to win, and desire to lead the team, without being obsessed with his stats. I didn’t know being a great player meant you had to be in the top 5 for the MVP or whatever other crap you had in that sad excuse for a blog. I can’t help you become wiser, but I can hope that you soon get your head out of the gutter and realize how great Derek Jeter is.

  16. you stink, cuz u mad ass hell cuz u ass as hell at baseball,,, i play softball and i idolize him cuz he is the best shortstop ever… well living actually cuz the best shortstop of all time was cal ripkin jr. and hanley ramirez

  17. not living actively playing so ha… 😛

  18. Your an ass times ten. Derek Jeter is ah-mazingly good at baseball. Your not. Derek Jeter is ah-mazingly good-looking. Your not.

  19. would you people leave him alone for real. he’ll be 35 this week. actually i want to see some of you people play that postion and see if you can even play it as good as him. also he’s human what do you expect he makes mistakes and he’s not overrated just because he plays for a good team doesn’t make him overrated. he’s just a normal person just has a great job that people want and i think most of you people are JEALOUS!!! same thing with alex yes he did steriods so what he knows wht he did and is correcting it so give him credit. so back off of them and just enjoy the game

  20. who ever wrote this i want you to play the postions of the people you put down. Leave them alone they are human and make mistakes just like me and you. also y r u even in derek’s business on who he dates he not all over the news with you had to research it. also y is he most peoples role model and thousand of fans that visit yankee stadium cheer him on each night. yes he’s older than 14 years ago but so he make have lost ability but he also gained knowledge. one last thing whos the captain…

  21. Hmm..seems to me that someone spent too much time googling “Why Jeter sucks” and then copied and pasted everything that was writen on website. Yes–now a days sports mix with politics and state mix with church, daa daa daa. But,that is why Jeter has held such an incredible reputation since his MLB debut in 1995. He doesn’t get caught up in all the shit that big name atheletes do (example not necessary as I’m sure you’ve search engined why they suck so bad too). On the feild and off the feild, hes DJ is someone you want to have your back. ESPECIALLY AFTER 9/11–if anyone was in this city at that time, baseball was all we had and he lead us through when some of us had NOTHING and NO ONE. But you don’t seem to realize that–and his “orgainizations” and “donations”–look that up and see where THOSE donations go and how much time he spends with that. I wish we could throw you in the middle of the stadium as my fellow yankee friends and family scream ASS-HOLE at you, and thats being polite. And the worst part, Jeter would be the gentlemen who asked us to be quiet. You fool. By the way, how much you getting paid for this article? HAHAHAHA

  22. There’s no denying Jeter is a media darling. But do you have any idea how difficult it is to be a media darling in New York City? This is the place where so many players come to be overexposed and ruined (see: Robbie Alomar, Mo Vaughn, Jeff Weaver, Javy Vazquez, Carl Pavano). Jeter has been here for over a decade and has excelled, led a life that is public and never scandalous, been remarkably consistent throughout his career with flashes of brilliance here and there, will wind up with 3000 hits for sure, and has never even come close to being accused of steriod use. He has thoroughly earned his reputation for class and integrity of character, which is so unusual for any celebrity, but especially one who’s under a microscope of all this “inflated” media coverage. (And to call him a bum – well, that’s an extremely poor description of a guy who’s so fiercely dedicated and competitive that he’s played in the past with a broken bone in his hand. Also, I can’t believe you used the picture of him dislocating his shoulder for mockery like that. That’s pathetic.)

    First off… who the heck has enough time on their hands to put a website together to bash the best player in baseball. Just because you are jealous that whatever team you follow doesn’t have him does not mean that you need to be rude. Derek Jeter is one of the most (and one of the only left) hard-working, non-steriod using, amazing players in baseball today. Let’s see how many players can live up to what he has accomplished. He is respected by his teammates and all the other players in baseball so much so that he has been given the prestigious and rarely given title of captain of the New York Yankees. And yes, Derek Jeter may be played up a little now in 2009 (sorry it’s only his 14th season!!!!) because of his reputation but he had to do something to earn it before you don’t just get it out of thin air!!!!! He has made amazing plays such as when he ran into left field and dove into the stands to make the catch almost killing himself and countless other beautiful plays. I find the hatred of the Yankees and the face of the Yankess, Derek Jeter, hilarious because it is hatred instilled by jealously. It is the jealousy of never being as good as the Yankees and the jealousy of never being able to have the same prestigious effect of playing for the Yankees. Every player secretly wants to be a Yankee (as said in countless interviews by young players and current major league players who are playing for the Yankees… look it up) so im convinced that this whole bashing site is about pathetic inconsequential trivial jealousy. No matter what you say, the world still knows that Derek Jeter is one of the top players around and who is respected and revered by all around him.

  24. wow who takes baseball so seriously i thank it sucks

  25. Well I have to say I’m pretty upset I spent the last couple minutes reading your argument. If you even believe half of the crap you wrote, you’re one of the biggest idiots of all time. Derek Jeter is a GREAT shortstop and a great player all around. Why don’t you put up Jeter numbers…why don’t you try putting up any numbers while you’re at it. And great discovery finding out that Jeter makes errors…last time I checked, every baseball makes errors, even the best.

    ps. I’m a Mets fan too



  28. Yeah you don’t mention that Jeter is on pace to break Pete Rose’s hit record (not saying that he will). He was also snubbed in the MVP voting in 2006, he was favored to beat out justin morneau that year. He breaks another nyy record just about every day. i could go could on but im not here to write a retarded biased article to waste everyones time, you already beat me to it anyway. When its all said and done we’re talking about a right handed hitter consistently finishing in the top 5 in both batting average and hits for 14 years- i believe that qualifies as greatness.

    don’t compare him to other SS right now, thats stupid. sure hanley ramirez is nasty, and fun to watch, but lets see where he is in 8 years. also, rollins? really? dude he had a great 07 but come on, hes just another guy with a ton of speed, besides look how awesome hes doing now

  29. now heres how i see things. there is a possibility here that the person who wrote this is either on drugs or a boston fan. ponder this if you will: career batting average: 316. that is good anywhere you go. career hits: 2661. on pace to break pete roses record. career fielding percentage: .977. that is superior to anyone who thinks they can beat that.

    on another note, his career high in home runs was 24 in 1999. rookie of the year honors in 1996 where he hit .314 and had 183 hits. arguements can be made that hes not the greatest shortstop of all time. arguements can be made that hes over high-lighted because he is in new york. however, the arguement that will not pass with anyone who has any knowledge of the game of baseball is that derek jeter is not a good player. remind me again when he wasnt voted to an all-star game? his career low in batting average is .291 in 1997…his second full season. a season which he rapped out ONLY 190 hits. his career high in errors in a single season is 24 in 2000.

    just a few arguements can be made that jeter is not only one of the better yankees to ever suit up, but possibly one of the best players to see his name somewhere in the short future to be enshrined with the cooperstown legends.

  30. clearly a red sock.
    i don’t see you on wikipedia showing off your multiple awards, and i dont see you on the best team in baseball’s bench. so stop worrying about others weaknesses and get yourself sorted in order to compete with jeter. just because you’re probably some 40 year old virgin and is insecure, start taking out your own problems on someone other than one of baseball’s best

  31. Excuse me? How many gold gloves does he have? How many time has he preformed in the clutch? This writer is a yankee hater. Just because the yankees are the most mediated team in the country does not mean derek jeter is a bad player. He’s a greatly polished shortstop that very rarely makes errors and always produces to the team. He’s never won MVP because he isn’t a home run hitter. If u look at the facts mostly all MVP players are home run hitters. He is a leader, had and has mostly a low .300 average every season and produces to the team. Its not always about the stats. Its about the wins the clutch hits and the polished defense. Do not listen to this yankee hater

  32. derek jeter rocks you suck AND YOU ARE AN ASS



    P.S. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. As a fellow Red Sox fan I have to say I am embarassed by this article. I have no love for the Yankees but the one player who has no skeletons, plays hard, and doesn’t try to show up others is Derek Jeter. That jackass Jaba and his antics could label him a bum. Yes some Sox pitchers are the same. Beckett and Papelbon if there was any question. But I hate Derek Jeter because he is that good and is not on the my team. Is that what you are trying to say? Cause you really made yourself sound like an ignorant douchebag. I really hope you aren’t a fellow Sox fan because your lack of baseball knowledge can ruin the rep of the entire Red Sox Nation.

  36. you fucking asshole you know nothing about baseball and rich aurilia sucks ass. derek jeter is the man and now has the most hits of any shortstop which i think would make him one of the best of all time. suck a dick

  37. So Bud Bareither, the “so-called” bum you refer to as Derek Jeter just tied Lou Gehrig’s record.

    Who’s the bum now, you dumbass…

    You talk about Sanderson being a stupid name…HA!
    Try the name BAREITHER…in more ways than one…

    Try doing a real favor to true baseball fans around the world and just stop watching baseball altogether. Even Boston fans would detach a slab of the Green Monster just to smack your pathetic ass around….

    ….then again, why ruin a perfect baseball landmark to backhand a little bitch like you???


    Bud Bareither…SUCK IT!!!

  38. hey buddy, perhaps you spoke to soon? how about his 2009 season.. dumbass

  39. what an incredibly stupid article!!!! i guess you never even played baseball in your life. do you even watch baseball??? or you ass just collect & stare stats??stats is only one thing. jeter is one of the greats in baseball history. please just shut up, watch & enjoy baseball, you dumbass.

  40. you no what i am jeters biggest fan so you better back off and put better information about him or everyone will write the same thing over and over again look at all those comments and some are mets fan and still like him so………… BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sorry Bud, this is one instance that your article isn’t humorous, (this is the only one I’ve read, btw), so you better remove the word “always” beside the word “humorous” in your blog’s title. This article comes across as a bitter diatribe of an extremely green with envy person. Did you want to be a baseball player and failed? Are you short, stocky, pimply? Do girls not like you? For some reason, you come across as that. Many people have attempted at sarcasm to be humorous and succeeded; you’re not one of them. Try again, Bud. Make it really factual next time.

  42. Derek Jeter will retire in a few years as the only Yankee with 3000 hits , more likely around 3700 or more, a career average of .300 or better , 4 or more world series titles and he’s a bum ? get real. He’s a class act all the way and one of the greatest players in the game.

  43. Do i smell hater?!?! and, jeter uses hair plugs?! he practically has no hair! his hair is short with a sideburn fade, what are u smoking? maybe classy is no longer the in-thing anymore! maybe classiness, like chivalry, is dead! stop hatin on the man’s plethora of achievements and get a life! next you’ll be talking about brad pitt’s status as overrated just becasue he’s on every movie mag and he hasn’t yet won an Oscar for Best Actor, lmao omg

  44. oh by the way bud “bitcher” bareither, i know you’ll never diss mark sanchez in an article!

    Bud bareither: mark sure got a pretty mouth don’t he? i handle that mouth every night after every jets practice!

  45. Yahhh Rite! Derek Jeter Is The Best Shortstop!
    Dont Hate;;An As For The Mistakes Hes Made..Well
    Hes Not Perfect And Every Player Is Ganna Make Some Mistakes!
    So Dont Forgett;;Derek Jeter;;;Yes He Is The Best Shortstop!<33

  46. Your an idiot who ever wrote this poor excuse of a blog you need to kill your self. Those errs you showed were probably the only 2 errs you could find.


  48. I like how all the people who defend Jeter lack the brain power to construct any real criticism. One of my personal favorites, “Who ever wrote this your a bum. Derek Jeter is Not a bum. Derek Jeter is my favorite player . His number is 2 and he plays for the New York Yankees. DEREK JETER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!” Hahaha. At least this one had a fact involved, (Jeter #2, yes), the rest just had a lot of cursing – see the moron above me (as well as the Sanchez pervo). If these are the kind of people supporting Jeter and the Yankees then all Bud’s bias’ are well suited. I THINK JETER WOULD BE VERY ASHAMED OF YOU ALL! You call yourselves his disciples? Away from us Satan!

  49. this is probably the largest disgrace in the history of journalism. you compared the best year of four players and made a sole judgment on that. you have to compare their careers. a monkey who stared at mlb network 24/7 would have wrote a better article than you.


  51. Derek jeter is absolutely in the top 5 of best shortstops that have ever played the game of baseball. For you to say otherwise is completely out of place, not only do i like derek jeter and personaly think he is one of the greatest if not the best, his career stats prove so. He has a career .317 BA, 2747 career hits, 167 career postseason hits, 20 postseason home runs he is third all time in post season home runs, as a short stop might i add, which not until recently has not been a big offensive position. He had his best fielding year yet this year with a .986 fielding percentage. lets go yankees.

  52. YOU KNOW I LOVE THE YANKEES AND Derek Jeter you know maybe you weren’t good at baseball when you were younger or no one liked you! don’t take it out on someone who could probably kick you ass at baseball any day place or time i would like to see you try to do what he does. sounds like you need to get a life and stop worrying about awesome baseball players and write better blogs!!!!!!!!

  53. you know personally you suck balls! you know i don’t see you on the team now do i maybe suck at baseball and Ur jealous so get a freaking life and grow up “BUD THE BALL SUCKING BUM”

  54. Hey.
    Excuse me, but you dont get on the internet and trash someone like this. Derek Jeter i a great baseball player and an even better person. this was such a rude thing to do. people that must do these things are inscure. i can not believe the nerve of some people. Get A Life! this is so wrong. what if derek read this? i hope he knows how many people idol him. and everyone can ignore this crap.
    I would like to see you play in the major leagues and accomplish even half of what jeter has. you are so so disrespectful

  55. f**kn jeter hater

  56. Ya, you are full of it aren’t you. You just wish you could be as good as Jeter. You are just jealous that you don’t have skill, and charm, and good looks. Jeter is awesome. Don’t come crying when the Yankees win the world series (which they will, by the way). All you can do is criticize others! Go get a life smart one!

  57. You are full of it! Just beacuse you don’t have the looks, charm, and ability like Jeter doesn’t mean you have to be jealous! That is not the answer… Trashing others to lift yourself up is not the right way to do things kid! For your info Jeter is a nice, caring person, unlike you, punk. First of all, Jeter now has a steady girlfriend. You have probably never had one in your LIFE! Time to suck it up, be a real man and take responsibility for YOUR actions, not his! GET A GRIP! Don’t come crying to me when the Yankees win the world series!

  58. Yeah, my second post was a follow up, revised version!

  59. Your point???

  60. your a jerk !!!! what is your freakin problem??!?! Derek Jeter is amazing !! You dont know what you talking about !! Your just a jealous hater !!! You need to wake up and what him play !! jeeze ! and i am POSITIVE that he can play better baseball than you ! so you can keep your rude comments to yourself !! and your captions to these pictures are so mean !! they are all not true !!!! your just a hater !! and a jerk ! and you need to stop lying !!! GO TO CHURCH !! 😡

  61. I LOVE JETER!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooo awesome and cute! I love the Yankees because i am from New York! Jeter is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. stupids!!!!!!!!!1 Jeter is AWESOME AS SHIT

  63. Are you kidding me.. calling Derek Jeter a bum, like really. have you ever watched him play? Obvioulsy not if you are trying to say he isn’t good. Who just broke the record for most home runs? Yeah derek did so next time you want to write something you better get your facts straight because you’re facts obvioulsy arent straight now.

  64. i loveeeeeeeee himmmmmm.. hi is the man of my lifeeeeee

  65. omq aree yuh quys DUMB derek ihs muh baby Lol siriuosly he is such a qood player omq yuh quys aree bums not him DEREK JETER ALL DAY

  66. ok one derek jeter is a great baseball player.two he is very nice off the fields and three those pics of him are probably fake.ur just a hater.and even though derek jeter made a few mistakes he rarley ever makes them and u made the biggest mistake of ur life and that was trash-talking jeter i feel sorry for you……..NOT:P

  67. What kind of asshole makes fun of charitable organizations?

    Just another jealous fan.
    Oh and his nickname Captain Clutch fits him perfectly seeing as how he has more postseason hits than any player in history.
    He also has 5 world series rings as of 2009.

  68. Derek Jeter is the best ss ever. A rod is a cheater and Jter can lead his team better then a rod and miguelo tejada to drug users. Jeter is not bum he plays with all his heart diving into stands everyone gets injued .

  69. i thing jeter is the third best player before him is alex rodriguez and albert pujols but jeter is the best hitter ever he have a great AVG. and a lottt hits yeahh… goo YaNkEeS

  70. BALONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. im getting married to derek jeter so all u chicks can suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. im a braves fan and personally like ryne sandberg and ozzie smith as the top two but with the amount of effort and perserverance it takes to be clutch after your city has been torn apart is respectful. if anybody can name a flawless player let me know but to my knowledge there isn’t one. jeter is one of the best short stops to play the game. just tip your hat to the man cause he’s had a successful career and deserves his hall of fame spot.

  73. Fuck all of ya … jeter is better than a-rod and albert pujols … he aint take no steriods like they did … soo ya jusz being a bitch cuz he better than all of yuh and all of your favorite baseball stars … stop being on his dick

  74. a-rod used steriods to hit great so he is the bum derek jeter never used steriods and he is the best shortstop in the league. Also, Jeter probably has the best stats in hitting and is a great fielder

  75. you make reasonable points but fail to mention he is a lead off hitter and any lead off hitter and is not int he same catorgorey of offense as a rod and nomar he is way more clutch and those are way above average numbers a for a lead off hitter

  76. oh yeah and you are extremely unintelligent with your baseball knowledge sadd

  77. Hater!!

  78. This man (i mean lady) needs to see a psyciatrist he obviously is pent up Jeter #2 just became #1 okay theres no denying that he made A few errors but i can count those on one hand unlike the errors you made in you made in your rag of an article

  79. P.S. He never did saved those orphans from the burning building, hates apple pie, cheated on an 8th grade biology test and uses hair plugs. Are those traits of a great player, or just a good player? he’s a me man. me me me me!!!!!!!. his arms can reach down to the front of his crotch, over around his ass and all the way up to his shoulders where he can pat himself on the back. and those gorgeous, phony, gold digging bitches wouldn’t give this mamzer the time of day if he as a bus driver plumber, etc etc.

  80. lol derek jeter can’t be a bum he has billions of dollars and he owns a mansion in tampa…jeter i think has the best personalilty for a baseball player..all these other baseball players are all stuck up…he doesnt like to get any publicity but of course he will…he does like the money he gets..but he worked hard for it…he said he went out there everyday to practice baseball….and thats why he is such a good player…DEREK JETER LOVES HIS JOB AND THAT JOB IS PLAYING BASEBALL

  81. This article is a biased piece of poop

  82. @Jeter

    LOL. No shit it’s biased. It’s a blog, you idiot. What did you expect, “fair and balanced”?

    By the way, from what I can deduct from reading these comments, the New York school districts aren’t teaching much.

  83. Haha…. “Your” ≠ “you’re.”

  84. to all you dumb joe ameiran’s out there. jeter and other over rated, and way overpaid athletes will always get big money because you glorify and idolize them. you will go to the games spend a fortune on parking eating etc. etc, maybe a week or two’s pay?. will buy high priced items that these spoiled rich athlete’s endorse. that’s why they get big bucks while you struggle to make ends meet., oh but what the hell you are macho joe american’s who love their athlete’s i despise pro sports because of the money and attitude of these players. OMG !! DID HE JUST LIKE SAY THAT ABOUT US IDOLIZING AND WORSHIPPING OUR BELOVED ATHLET’ES.!!!!!. YEA I DID. PRO SPORTS SUCK!!!!

  85. Your wrong about those things u said . Jeter is not overated. He is a once in a lifetime player. Im a yankees fan myself. Even if i was a red sox fan ( which i will NEVER be) i would still like jeter

  86. Nice answer back iin return of this question with genuine arguments and telling the whole thing about that.

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