It's high, it's deep, it's...caught by the second baseman.

It's high, it's deep, it's...caught by the second baseman.

As a Mariner’s fan (you can send flowers and cards to my home address) it is impossible not to be enamored with Ichiro. His rookie year was historic and he was part of the 2001 team that tied a major league record with 116 wins on their way to the World Series title. Ichiro hits for average, steals bases and has a cannon for an arm in rightfield.

This pint sized import is the best thing to come out of Japan since the Super Nintendo but is not without his faults.The one thing that he has never done is hit homeruns. Currently, through 100 games of the 2008 season, he has hit all of 4 dingers. And I am ok with that, really I am.

Except for one thing. The ongoing rumor that Ichiro can hit homeruns if he wants to. He was even invited to compete in this years homerun derby further perpetuating the myth. Ichiro is currently in his 8th season in the bigs and only in two of these has he hit more than 10 (with a career high of 15 in 2005).

This guy is a bigger tease than Brett Favre. If he can really hit homeruns, why not go ahead and do it? The Mariner’s season has about the same chance of turning around as Eddie Murphy’s career. So Ichiro, as a fan and more importantly as a doubting Thomas, start wanting to hit homeruns. The worst that can happen is the Mariner’s trade you…


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