C.C. Sabathia to the Brewers

Sending an already rotund pitcher to a sausage friendly state like Milwaukee sounds like a problem on paper. Throw in the fact that the teams mascot is associated with beer and I can already feel my waistline expanding.

But the Brewers did the right thing taking a gamble on Sabathia. The team’s window to compete is small as they will lose a number of players, including every one’s favorite vegan Prince Fielder, to free agency in the coming years. The team has a strong farm system, and while Matt LaPorta is a special talent, the Brewers already have plenty of depth in the outfield. Additionally, this move puts pressure on the Cubs and Cardinals to make a move in order to stay in contention in the NL Central.

Sabathia has rebounded nicely after a horrific April and will help the Brewers make a push for the National  League pennant and the right to lose to whatever American League team they meet in the World Series. Look for C.C. to pick up 7-8 wins, post a sub-3.00 ERA and strike out at about a batter an inning the rest of the way.

Fearless Prediction: C.C. garners CY Young votes despite spending half the season in the AL and leads the Brew Crew to the playoffs via the wildcard.


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